For 2018 we are changing the way customers pick their own soft fruits at Cobbs.

We are now following the practice of the vast majority of other Pick Your Own farms and will be asking for a small redeemable pre-payment of £2 per head. 

There has been a Pick Your Own farm at Cobbs for many years and we are really keen to be able to continue to offer a good PYO experience here at Cobbs. Farms up and down the country are having to adjust their prices or adopt a similar deposit system in order to remain open and we therefore hope that our new pre-payment system will help us minimise waste, theft and future price rises on our farm.  

How It Works...

When arriving at Cobbs to Pick Your Own you will need to visit our farm shop tills to collect your punnets and pay for your admission (please keep hold of your pre-payment receipts!) You will then be able to head up to our farm to pick your soft fruits. After you have finished picking you need to return to the farm shop with your soft fruits and pre-payment receipt.  Your admission will then be deducted from the value of your picked fruits and the outstanding balance will then need to be paid. If, however you have picked less than the pre-payment, the pre-payment cannot be refunded. 

See our PYO flyer for examples

Fruits ripe for picking...

Strawberries - Few (Extreme tempretures will effect, click here)
Gooseberries - Ripe & Ready
Raspberries - Ripe & Ready
Blackberries - Ripe & Ready
Tayberries - Ripe & Ready
Black Currants - Ripe & Ready
Red Currants - Ripe & Ready

T&Cs: A £2 admission is payable by everyone visiting Cobbs Farm to pick their own. This includes all children over the age of 2. Your admission pre-payment will then be redeemed against any fruits or vegetables picked from our farm. It is not redeemable against purchases in the farm shop or café. If less than £2 per person of fruits or vegetables are picked the admission pre-payment will not be redeemed. A pre-payment receipt is only valid for redemption on the day of purchase. We are not responsible for lost pre-payment receipts and will be unable to redeem any entry fee against the cost of your fruit or vegetables if you are unable to present a valid receipt.